Art´n Fiber® 2024

Artist Residency Art´n Fiber®


The selection committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2024 Art'n Fiber® residency grant,  the Ukrainian fiber artist Alina Kopytsia, current resident of Switzerland. 

As members of the committee, we were overly impressed with the quality and quantity of the applications received, as well as the level of creativity and hard work demonstrated by all candidates. It also made the final decision particularly challenging. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the applicants for their attention and interest in the

Art'n Fiber® residency and we warmly encourage you to return as future applicants.

The recipients of the grants of 2022 and 2023 were fiber artists Fabia Delise, Italy and Dorothy Wedderburn, the Netherlands. See the page Previous Recipients for a photo sample over the respective stay and the statements of the selection committee

Alina  Kopytsia the recipient of the Art´n Fiber® Residency Fellowship 2024

The motivation of the selection committee:

" Alina Kopytsia is a versatile artist who embraces the possibilities provided by the textile media. Her solid art education and choice of methods are serving as a sturdy base for her expression, consisting mainly of textile collage. Combined with her personal standpoints they have provided her with means, confidence and causes to her visual questioning of the power structures and social norms. While textile materials and approaches have often been ignored in conventional art connections as “women´s work”, Kopytsia´s family background with generations serving in the textile industry seems to rather have strengthened her prejudice-free relationship to the fabrics and sewing as an inviting and sufficient medium of art.

Kopytsia finds inspiration from subjects such as human emotions, physical and mental boundaries, social, economic- and disruptive tensions and gender identity. Her series of appliqued pictures with skilled use of materials and sewing techniques are serial picture-like narratives where the viewer is invited to explore frozen moments and thoughts evoking close-ups of human life and existence. As part of her Art´n Fiber® residency Alina Kopytsia provides a workshop with the subject "textile storytelling". We are thrilled to welcome her and look forward to seeing her work during her residency! "

Members of the committee:

Eira Langaas, Art Developer, Region Uppsala

Katriina Flensburg, Textile artist, initiator/runner of the residency
Gunilla Stillström, Intendent of Public Art, Uppsala Municipality

About the residency 

The Art´n Fiber® residency grant/fellowship (short term) focuses on international exchange and cooperation. The fully funded stay is addressed to professional textile/fiber artists and those with equally active artistic comitments.

The current target group is textile/fiber artists living in Europe but outside the borders of Sweden.

The residency was established in 2022 on initiative of textile/fiber artist Katriina Flensburg and it is run in close cooperation with and support from the Region Uppsala and Uppsala Municipality/City. Location of the residency is the Quilt Academy of Sweden facility. Except the funded residency a limited number of weeks is made available for bookings for individual artists, artist couples or colleagues seeking a short-period studio space getaway within the field of fiber art. Personal payment or funding is required. Please see Visits & Stays and contact us for further information.