Courses Spring 2024 


Our courses consist of 2-5 gatherings, each from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless otherwise agreed. A course-start requires a minimum of participants. The final meeting dates are agreed with the participants and the fee is dependent on the number of enrolled, normally around SEK 400 - 600 person/day. Additionally, customized courses based on individual preferences regarding the subject, level of skills and knowledgeas well as the desired number of participants can be agreed on.

A preliminary announcement of interest should be sent via email to, with the respective course title(s) as the subject/heading. You will receive information regarding the course fee and the  proposal of the gathering dates before your final registration.

Forany  inquiries mail

Current subjects 

Art Quilt  Our ongoing course in expression with a focus on modern art. Working methods include technical applications, free textile approaches and a range of materials. The teaching consists of basic colour-, shape- and composition theory with continuous repetition and teacher-supervised exercises with guidance and feedback.. A course round lasts for one semester and consists of five meetings with approx. 4 weeks apart. The context is well suited for continuous enrollment of participants with basic knowledge and skills within the field of contemporay patchwork.


Sampler Quilt A basic course in classic patchwork but with modern techniques. New rounds are started on  basis of sufficient number of interested. The course consists of five sessions with  instruction and guidance in composition, sewing approaches and the use of contemporay equipment and tools. (For guidance  in hand.. and/or machine quilting of the created work see the classes below). One-to-one tuition can be provided by appointment.

Machine quilting Basic knowledge and techniques as well as a review of rational approaches. The course consists of 3 sessions with an agreed interval. New rounds are started on an ongoing basis with a sufficient number of interested. The dates of the start and the following gatherings are a subject of agreement with the group.


Hand quilting Learn the skill of hand quilting on this basic course designed for those who prefer relaxing and meditative hand sewing. To participate, you will need access to either a ready-made (pieced) quilt top or a size-wise compartible piece/sheet of fabric with an invitting pattern with a large-scale geometric or organic pattern (geometric forms, flowers or other figurative motives).  New rounds on an ongoing basis depending on the interest. The course dates are agreed as above.

Appliqué Appliqué is, in addition to seam sewing (piecing), one of the most popular methods in connection to the traditional and modern textile work..The course consists of 3-5 days depending on the agreed content, and with some weeks in between the gatherings. The teaching covers composition, basic technical knowledge, number of approaches and practise.

All activities take place in our spacious classroom-studio, complete with a fully equipped kitchen.  Slide lectures and access to fabric shopping upon request.